Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Fall Photos

In the last week of October, suddenly we had a warm spell.  Warm enough for light sweaters and no hats.  A slight breeze to encourage the leaves off their branches, and to entice a mommy and her little girl out to capture these final fall moments.

When the wind would blow, Em would look around all mystified like, Who did that?  I found the wind delicious.  She found it distracting.

It's still hard to coax a smile out of her unless she feels like it.  She's greedy that way.

But her mommy can do it, even if they are teeny ones.

Next year at this time she'll be leaping into leaf piles and keeping up with her brother.  Right now I'm just cherishing every last warm afternoon together.

And small quiet times with my baby girl.

(Featured: Kringelring teether.  I told you I love it!)

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Amanda said...

that little smirk is precious :)