Friday, September 24, 2010

Painting With Pudding

One of Jax's best friends, Stella, turned two this week, and today was an exceptional party for a group of happy and cooperative toddlers.  Our hostess, Sara, was welcoming as always, and Stella was a darling birthday girl.

Then came the best part: painting with pudding!  What a fabulous idea! 
Is this a toddler's dream come true or what?

 I hugely recommend this for any young birthday party or even on a rainy day.  These kids, who normally wouldn't sit if their lives depended on it, took this about as seriously as it gets for one- and two-year-olds.

Huge success!

Happy Birthday, Stella!  And thank you for a birthday party to remember!

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amy g said...

Such a great idea!!!!