Thursday, September 16, 2010


Labor Day weekend Jax had his first s'more experience.  Let's just say, it got his brain working as to how he could get as many s'mores as possible.  I think he finally realized that if he could learn how to make s'mores himself, then he wouldn't have to go through a middle man, thus making s'more consumption all the more frequent.

Let me see here...

First he watched his cousins Christian and KJ make their s'mores.

Then he got Daddy to show him how, too. 

Haha, sucker!

Until finally he felt confident enough to try to make one himself.

Yeah, I know I'm really far away from the fire, and I know I don't have anything on my stick, but I totally get this whole s'mores thing.  I'm ready to rock this on my own.

Mmmmmm....I can just taste that chocolatey, graham crackery, marshmallowy goodness now... Who needs grown ups?

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