Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Beach Day

As I was recently discussing with a good friend, bringing two kids to the beach can be hazardous and stressful to the adults who drag them there and all their accoutrements.  When the younger and more helpless one needs their mama, the older and more defiant one jumps on the opportunity to drown himself in a large body of water.  Hence, we have only been to the lake once this summer (the day that kid called Em an alien baby), when Daddy was available to come along.  By myself, I could not possibly watch them both and not worry about imminent disaster.

Em made the day easy, lounging in her beach bassinet.

Jax frolicked with Daddy in the lake, exploring the fascinating elements of both sand and water, and relishing the joys of splashing.

Em was still unimpressed, and only emerged from her hideaway for a meal and to repose under the shade of the only nearby tree. 

Meanwhile Jax loved having Daddy all to himself.  I forget how much manly bonding has been lost since Em was born.  It was nice for the two of them to have some time together sans sister.

Saturday we embark on our week-long family vacation to Maine, and I look forward to more pictures like these--

--and watching Jax soak in the joys of summer!


Aj said...

o man those pictures made me laugh out loud... he looks liek he just wants to swallow the whole lake. :) veyr nice bones cant wait to see you tonight!

Alana Milton said...

Great pictures and I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Maine!