Sunday, August 22, 2010

Common Ground

Jax and Em are still getting to know each other.  Em watches him in fascination--he is definitely a constant source of entertainment and intrigue for her.  I know in the future she'll be learning everything she knows from him and she will be dying to keep up.  Jax switches between spontaneous displays of affection (a little head butt kiss here, a pat pat there) and saying, "Hi, Nee Nee (his name for her)!" to punching her with a closed fist and yelling, "No, Nee Nee!" just for existing.  They're getting closer, and I think once she can sit and be more of a person, he'll think of her more as a sidekick and less as a nuisance. 

One thing that brings them together, though, is the reintroduction of some of Jax's old toys.  Obviously we're reusing all the wonderful gifts and toys that we used with Jax, and apparently they are not as forgotten as I thought.  Today he spent a solid half hour in her stationary entertainer (which shockingly did not break under his beefy frame) and he constantly freaks out when she's under her playmat.  Well, he has a point--it was his playmat first!  He's tried to roll her off it and my ears are always alert for the "No, no, Nee Nee!" that precedes a physical threat.  But the other day they found a common ground.

Maybe all this talk of sharing is starting to sink in?  Maybe they made a compromise? 

Regardless, it's another step closer to him liking her.  And even baby steps are progress in this house!


lauren & aaron said...

One day he'll learn that she is a great friend to have.....I love that he "warns" you, though!! PS....Micah has that little cupcake outfit! Cute!

Aj said...

well that was just the cutest friggin thing ever :) o nee nee and jackson. :)