Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 Months Old

Miss Em turned three months old a few days ago, and I can't believe the difference one month makes.  We don't go to the doctor for a while so I don't know her stats, but I know she is at least 13 lbs, getting close to doubling her birth weight.  This is evidenced by the rolls accumulating on her thighs, which I love.  Her hair is still falling out, but there seems to be some stubborn clumps on the back.  I'm getting nervous her hair is going to look like she has a bad dye job because it's growing in lighter than it was originally, so perhaps she'll look like she has roots at a very early age!

She is smiling like crazy, and loves to stick out her tongue.  I need to get a video of it because I've never seen an infant who uses her tongue so exuberantly.  It's really something to see, so I'll try to catch her making faces at Daddy sometimes.  She's a bit camera-shy so it's hard to get good pictures and videos of her--once the camera comes in front of my face and she can't see my eyes anymore, she loses her concentration.

She drools quite enthusiastically and blows raspberries--makes for a few attractive wet marks on my shoulders.

She has become a great sleeper, not so great go-to-sleeper.  Once she's asleep, usually around 8-9 pm, she'll stay that way until at least 4 am, but getting her to fall asleep is becoming a real marathon event, with us rotating going upstairs to soothe her however we can.  Poor Jax....sometimes I feel so sorry that he has to listen to her!  Luckily it's summertime so he has his own air conditioner to drown her out.  I'm sure he pulls blankie over his head and curses the day she was born!

She's very sweet and I think getting prettier every day.  She's a very good-natured little peanut and we're very lucky she's ours!

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Dawniebee12 said...

Man! I really wish we lived closer. I want to snuggle her...Love you all!