Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Great Day

It is with great pleasure that I pronounce that I think I have my son back.  You know, the sweet, charming, mostly well-behaved little boy that I couldn't get enough of about 6 weeks ago?  He went on a short hiatus into demon child/bitter older sibling status for a while, but we had a wonderful day today, and hopefully it's just the first of many.

We started with breakfast at the Base Lodge where he was fun and funny and suprisingly patient considering I had to feed Em while giving him his breakfast.  He smiled and waved at passersby and made friends.  He laughed and ran around like toddlers do, looking out windows and oogling the lawn mower on the golf course.  A very pleasant start to the day.

Then off to Woodstock, Vermont, where I was showered with more smiles and a cheerful disposition.  We were having a great time watching huge trucks go by and popping in and out of the stores.  Jax should realize that when Mommy is in a good mood, she is more likely to spend money on him, like today when he lucked out with a new giraffe, garbage truck, and book.  But when your happy little guy looks at you and says, "Please!" the way only he can, of course the wallet opens and the spoiling commences.

He ran up and down the ramp to the post office, pointed out cracks in the sidewalk, called out letters on storefronts and signs, and was overall a pleasure to be around.  Hooray! 

Yes, Em slept the entire time so maybe he forgot she existed, but he did hold the door open for me at the bookstore so I could maneuver the gigantic double stroller (and then politely tried to keep the gate closed with himself behind it).

Lastly, we enjoyed lunch at the green watching more trucks go by.  A cement mixer honked at him and I think he just about died and went to heaven.  He ran after it and waved long after it was out of sight.

There was a meltdown in the end, but that was because he lost the garbage truck (it was recovered) and walked into the water fountain not once but twice.  He fell asleep in the car and has been so up in his room for two hours, allowing me to have lunch and blog.  Joy!

Oh, and Em hasn't been so bad either.  She was a little needy in the middle of the night but she has been sweet all day, and even just entertained herself in her pack n play for almost forty-five minutes!  And for a moment she smiled at me and I almost died of happiness, but then she sneezed, so I think it was a reflex rather than love for her Mama, but we're getting there!  All in all, a great day :)


Aj said...

o bones, what a sweet pea. Im so glad you had a good day and your little man is trying to make you cry anymore :) I wish I had been there to see him run after the cement truck :) haha!

J.Whit said...

Yeah, what a great,fun day you three had! Those moments I imagine are cherrished! Makes the not so great days less memorable! I'm happy for you guys!

shirrae1212 said...

Hey Becky...glad your adventure out was a good one. Love reading your posts. Love to all of you <3 Aunt Rae