Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I saw my one true love, K. You remember her, my old music teacher. My mom took me and Em to an outdoor concert at The Purple Crayon, where I had Music Together classes until Em was born (don't get me started). I hadn't seen K in about two months. I watched her from afar and was overwhelmed by emotion. I tried to be strong and not let her see how her presence affected me.

At first I played hard to get and played with the bubbles. I wanted to show her how much I had grown since she had last seen me, and how I can now blow bubbles by myself. She deserves a man who's capable and has a lot to offer.

When that didn't work, I lost myself in the music of Melissa Green. She had some really great songs and I have to say the concert was a blast. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, and I was able to work on my tan while keeping an eye on K.

She was impressed with my dance moves, as always. When we did a group dance, I even got in the middle of the circle and showed off my new moves. K was there and I wanted her to see how confident I am in my musical skills. I learned everything I know from her.

Then I tried to make K jealous by getting close to Melissa, the singer. Melissa was a little busy but I think I saw a little gleam of the green-eyed monster in K's eye. And she doesn't even know about Harper! Haha! 
When we left, K came over to say goodbye specifically to me and said she's looking forward to seeing us in music class in the fall. Even though we have to bring her--
--hopefully she won't come between me and my one true love.

When we were leaving, my mom said, "Jax loves you, K." I was mortified! But then she looked right at me and said, "Oh, I love you, too, Jax!" I knew it! It's only a matter of time until she and I are together. Maybe once I get a tricycle I can bike over to see her every now and then...

It was the best day of my life, Diary. I hope my mom takes me back to see her soon!

(Melissa Green is featured on the Rock & Roll Playground (Putumayo Kids Presents) CD.  She's great!  Check it out!)


The Dadej Family said...

This was Herrerias!!! I loved it.

lauren & aaron said...

This made my day. :)