Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Clean Start

Yesterday was a tough day.  I had a hectic morning with Em the spider monkey who only wanted to cling around my neck all day, and Jax took advantage of my distraction by turning into a mischevious monster.  First he colored on the floor, the toybox, his face...

Then we went outside as a distraction and he almost fell off the deck, after dumping a bottle of bubbles all over his feet and shoes.  He was sticky, dirty, markery, whiny, and I decided I didn't really like him very much at that moment and needed a break.  Don't forget I still had a spider monkey around my neck.   Enter Daddy, who came home and put Jax down for his nap for me.  Thank God!  I got to put Em down and take a nap myself.  I woke up feeling like a new person and decided Jax and I needed a clean start.

When Jax woke up, I scooped him up and threw him in the bathtub--one of his favorite places.  A clean start requires smiles and no whining, and that's what we got.  He was stellar for the rest of the day.

 Not to mention as cute as ever!

I'm going to remember this for the future.  When I need to recharge and restart my day, I love to take a bath!  Of course it makes sense it would work for Jax, too.  A fresh start for everyone.  And with a baby in the house, we both deserve a second chance at a good attitude sometimes!

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