Saturday, June 12, 2010

Becky Turns 30

The most commonly asked question when this new decade was looming on the horizon was, "Are you ready to be thirty?"  And again on the big day: "So, do you feel thirty?"  My immediate response is always a shrug and "Sure.  I'm an old soul."  I don't feel any different today than I did a week ago.  Except that now I have a wonderful birthday celebration to look back on and a beautiful new ring to admire.

The first treat of the day was that I got to sleep until 7:30, which is a big deal to those of us with two children under twenty months.  Then, when I did wake up, it was to the smiling faces of my husband and son, singing me "Happy Birthday," with cards and presents in their hands.  I wish I could wake up like that every day!  And when I went downstairs, JDubbs had gone to all the trouble of decorating the kitchen with balloons, streamers, and 30 paraphernalia.  Somebody's excited not to be the only person in the house who's in his 30's!

The day continued to be fantastic from there.  I had breakfast with a good friend and her son, went to the bouncy house with Jax while the baby slept, met JDubbs for lunch at what passes for a Mexican restaurant up here, then home for a quiet afternoon with the kids.  After JDubbs came home and our babysitters arrived (thanks Auntie Jenny, Nana, and Papa!), he and I got ready to head out for a grown-up evening and our first date since Em was born.

We had a fabulous night of delicious food, wine, and conversation, topped it all of with a yummy ice cream cake and a good night's sleep from Em, and I couldn't have been happier.  Plus all the phone calls, cards, gifts, and messages made me feel even more special all day.  I'm so lucky to have the friends and family I do.  I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Oh and I know you're dying to know about my ring, right?  JDubbs, being the thoughtful husband that he is, got me a mother's ring made out of J and E's birth stones.  Jax's is the pink tourmaline and Em's is diamond.  They're absolutely beautiful together, and the great part is that if we have any more kids, he just buys me another one to match :)

It was without a doubt one of my best birthdays ever, mostly because of the thoughtfulness of my husband and my sweet kids.  I wouldn't have changed a thing!  I love being thirty.  After all, with two kids, a house, and a dog, all I need is a picket fence and I have everything a girl ever dreams of.  Of course I should be thirty!  No one gets this lucky when they're young.

Thanks everyone :)