Friday, May 21, 2010

A Tale of Two Binkies

Jax has never been a self-soother; he never found his thumb so we gave him a binkie from the beginning and he hasn't given it up yet! I loved seeing him with his sweet little Nuk binkie and his Blankie--perfectly at peace.

Here's Jax at one month old with his cute little pacifier:

Then there's Em. She is equally incapable of soothing herself, but refused to take any of the Nuk binkies I had santized and ready for her. She actually made a gagging noise and looked like it was going to make her puke. We had waited three weeks to try to give it to her so that it wouldn't interfere with breastfeeding, and now I wonder if that was too long. Regardless, she wants nothing to do with the teeny little Nuk so we had to go out and get the hospital-recommended Soothie binkie for breastfed babies. Let's just say, not as cute:

It takes up her whole face! I don't even know how she can breathe with it. And it falls out of her mouth instantly as soon as she falls asleep. I guess the good thing is that maybe she won't be as dependent on her binkie as Jax is and it may save us a headache in the future, but there's nothing like being able to pop a binkie in a fussy baby's mouth!

But as I type this, she's asleep with it right next to her where it fell out of her mouth, so maybe it'll all work out in the end after all!

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Alana Milton said...

Addy loves her Nuk too. The hospital gave her a Soothie to take home, but I also thought it was too big. She didn't last very long with it either. It is kind of cute how it takes over her whole face and how content she is! :-)
BTW, did you know I love your blog? I love hearing your stories and it makes me feel like I am still a little part of your life. Hugs.