Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Fish the Fish

As if our house isn't crowded enough...

...we got Jax a new friend.

It's Fish the Fish!
He lives on the bookshelf in Jax's room. So far, we haven't killed it and Jax  thinks Fish is super cool. He does fishy swimmy hand motions and tries to sing the Goldfish crackers jingle from when we were kids ("I love fishes cuz they're so delicious!"). I'm sure we'll have to say good morning and good night to Fish every day. But the way we see it, what's one more mouth to feed

Please note: As of Monday morning, less than 24 hours later, Fish the Fish was belly up and down the toilet. I guess we'll be heading back to the pet store today!


Alana Milton said...

You are one brave momma! How did Jackson do with dead Fish?
BTW, How do you do the borders around your pictures? Do you upload them into Picassa, or do you do that with your picture software? Did you ever get Photoshop?

Sinea said...

This is just too cute Becky! Love it!