Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"We Like To..."

This idea is courtesy of Tammy and her very entertaining blog, "She Says Tomato." See sidebar.

Directions:  Enter your name in quotes with the words "likes to" in Google. i.e. "Becky likes to". Check out the first 10 finds. Do they accurately depict the things you like to do?

I abbreviated to 5 things because I'm doing 3 people. Here are ours:
Becky likes to...

1. Becky likes to say, "Oh, it's on!" Not so much.
2. Becky likes to scuba dive, sky dive, make movies, drink fancy wine, and travel. No, no, no, yes, and yes. That Becky sounds a lot more fun than me.
3. Becky likes to wear dirty underwear. Um, this almost made me not post this post. That Becky is gross.
4. Becky likes to step out in fab style. Likes to? Maybe. Does? Not really. It's Vermont, after all. I wouldn't want to stand out.
5. Becky likes to eat great food. And so does Baby E. Hence the extra pound or thirty.

Mine was boring. And in the case of #3, gross. Let's see how JDubbs does.

JDubbs likes to...
1. J likes to drink a lot. Bourbon. Up.
2. J likes to stretch the limits of his creativity. I'm gonna go
3. J likes to wield sharp cutlery while in his skimpy underwear. I think JDubbs would like the idea of "wielding" sharp objects, skimpy underwear or no
4. J likes to engage the public with his victimless pranks, street art, and interactive sculpture. Exactly.
5. J likes to argue with people on message boards. He's a Boston sports fan. I'm going to assume yes.

Okay, JDubbs's was better than mine. Let's see how Jax does.

Jax likes to...

1. Jax likes to be needled. As his mother, I don't like this one bit. It actually makes me grumpy.
2. Jax likes to F with people. Inappropriate. He's 16-months-old, for crying out loud! I sure sound like a mom, don't I?
3. Jax likes to be 'different.' I don't know why this 'different' was in quotation marks, but it was. Does that make this particular 'different' even more different than usual?

4. Jax likes to recall ocean success stories. What are those, exactly?

5. Jax likes to make jokes. Yes, I think he does. He makes me laugh, so that counts, right?

Well, I think mine were the lamest and Jax 's were the most offensive, so JDubbs therefore is the winner . Oh, and for the record, apparently Em likes to read guidebooks from cover to cover, so that must be what she does in there at night while I'm trying to sleep ;)



Aj said...

I loved it Bones. I wish you would write more. Isn't there a newspapaer you could write a column for or something up there somewhere??

Dawniebee12 said...

That was so fun! I need to blog more...I suck...