Thursday, March 18, 2010

Into the Wild

The sunshine is here! It's time to go exploring.

Luckily for Jax, we have a heck of a yard.

Luckily for me, with an afternoon to kill, he has a very inquisitive nature.

Sticks, moss, snow, you name it, he wanted to touch it. It resulted in a pretty fun way to spend an hour, even at 32 weeks pregnant. It was pretty outdoorsy for me, and we had a great time until Jax came across the little stream. He doesn't seem to understand the term "hypothermia," and thefore he didn't understand why he couldn't go wade in it. That was the end of our excursion, but I'm certain it won't be the last! Maybe next time we'll invite Daddy and Baxter to come along, too.

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