Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And They Said He Didn't Need One

Tonight Jax pointed at Baby E's room and wanted to play with the baby doll. So sweet! We had to change his doll's diaper and he wanted to help. I felt so good that we had bought him a doll; I always knew it was the right way to help prepare him for his sister's arrival.

Before we put her to bed, he wanted to read her a story. Really! How adorable is he? :)

Oh, and then he body-slammed her. Guess we have to work on that one.

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Zeller Family said...

I love the moments when Jordan feeds the baby and hugs her and then bites her hand and throws her on the floor. Or when he is touching my belly saying "baby" and in one swift move has pulled my shirt back down and says "Bye bye" LOL