Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tommy Boy

What an opportunity I had this weekend. I still have a free trial on my Photoshop software, Jaime explained how to make borders around my pictures, and I had an immobile little peanut named Tommy at my mercy, looking all scrumptious and adorable, just waiting to have his picture taken (a thousand times). Here are some of the best ones. He is at such a fun age: observing, smiling, making cooing noises, interested in everything around him. He is going to be so much fun as he grows and grows!

One of the best parts of the weekend is that Jax and Tommy seem to have really discovered each other.
 Tommy is amused by Jax's antics, and Jax really cares about Tommy and his feelings. At one point, Tommy was in his stationary entertainer and started crying. Jax found Tommy's pacifier and blankie and brought it over to him, since that's what he likes when he's upset. Jax really wanted to make him feel better. This behavior definitely gave me hope that he is ready to be a big brother, although he did hit Tommy in the head with a truck earlier in the day. Hmmm...I'll take the small victories and pray that he learns to be gentle.

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KDStar1111 said...

He will be an amazing big brother!