Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brotherly Love

Quick story, no pictures:
When I was putting Jax down for his nap today, we said goodnight to everything possible in the room as usual (goodnight teddy, goodnight family in pictures...), and before he started to snuggle I remembered one more person to say goodnight to: his little sister Em. So I pulled up my shirt over my belly and said, "Say goodnight to baby." And he put his head down on my belly and gave her a big MWAH! Too cute. Okay, ready for bed now. Actually, no. Every time I tried to pull my shirt down over my belly, he would pull it back up and say, "MWAH!" and rest his head there for a few seconds. So absolutely sweet. I love that he loves the baby, even though he has no real concept of what that means. It was an idyllic moment, and I wished someone else was around to take a picture.

That is until Jax lifted up his head and smiled at me, then proceeded to head butt my belly right where he was kissing the baby moments before! Shocked, I was like, "No! Jax, we don't head butt the baby!" And he did it again. Okay, game over. Jax went to sleep and I went to count Baby's kicks to make sure she wasn't comatose and didn't have a concussion (don't worry, she's kicking the crap out of me right this moment as punishment for letting my guard down). But in hindsight, I have to laugh, because isn't this what having two kids under two is all about? Isn't having a big brother a little about love and a lot about torture and abuse? Oh man, I'm going to have to keep my eye on these two. They're already going at it and they haven't even met yet!

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