Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Angles

I know I don't portray it that way, but our lives here in Vermont can be somewhat monotonous (I'll wait for the gasp of disbelief to quiet down). Yes, as much as I try to highlight all the rockstar things we do here and beyond, the day to day details can be a bit mundane. Which isn't necessarily a problem.

What is a problem is that Jax and I pretty much do the same things every day. Eat, get dressed, read books, play with trucks and puzzles. We do have the occassional lunch out or play date with friends, but overall we have a nice little routine going. Again, not necessarily a problem. Unless, you're like me, and you really enjoy taking photographs, especially of your adorable toddler. Then the same picture of the same kid playing with the same truck can be a bit monotonous. Boring. Un-blog-worthy. So what's a girl to do?

Inspired as I seem to be lately by my new blog-crush, MckMama (feel free to start following her--you'll be crying by the time you finish the sidebar), I have decided to try to take the same old pictures, but from the occassional new angle or focus. It might not seem that interesting to you, but it helps me capture the same old moments in a new way. I hope.

Here are some of my mini-successes. I'm sure I'll just improve with experience and practice, so please be patient with me as I try to grow as a photographer (aka not take the same pictures a million times).

Food pictures. Trying not to just focus on his happy little face, but maybe the food or fork itself. Maybe.

Truck pictures. Do I ever take anything else? Trying to focus on anything other than the top of his head as he plays with his trucks. Which is hard since that's all he does, all day.

Snow pictures. Get used to these! Trying to make the most of the rare moments outside when he's not grimacing or just miserable.

Luckily, Em will be here soon, and she'll be at my mercy since she'll be immobile. Hopefully by then Jax will have taken up a new hobby so I'll have something new to photograph. Like rock-climbing or Guitar Hero. Or at least the snow will have melted!

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J.Whit said...

I think any and all of the photos you take are great, not mundane (but I might be slightly biased since I'm the Auntie). But I think (although I'm not a mom, but have babysat many children)that most moms of toddlers probably feel the same way, same routine everyday basically. But thats not a bad thing! I feel the same way with my day to day routine, and I don't even have a wonderful baby boy to admire! So keep taking those great photos, your an excellent photographer, even if you think they are mundane or monotnous. We love them just the same!! Happy monday! :)