Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Months Down!

Baby Girl was kicking me today, telling me she deserved her own post since it's been a while and she doesn't want all of Jax's fans to forget that she is about to make her debut in 16 short weeks. I took a picture of my belly all by myself, using a timer--hence why it came out pretty terrible (not to mention the fact that looking glamorous isn't high on my priority list right now). But, hey, you ask, and I listen. A belly picture it is.

Yes, it's a hideous picture, and yes, I'm in my pajamas at 1:40 in the afternoon, but a) I took the picture myself on a timer (never good) and b) Jax and I have already been to music class, the dry cleaners, Newbury Comics, and lunch, so I am officially out of the public eye for the rest of the day. And what do you care, anyway? It's all about the belly.

So here's what's new with Baby Girl. She is kicking and moving a lot! We always get some kind of comment about that when we go to the doctor's office, either because she is too squirmy for the heartbeat monitor or too squirmy for an ultrasound. I'm sure the fact that her mom eats nothing besides carbs and sugar doesn't help, but I can't help but wonder what her temperment is going to be like. Will she be constantly on the go? Colicky? One of those babies we can't put down? We don't have that much longer until we know for sure!

So I'm 23 weeks today, which means I am starting my sixth month. According to, Baby E is more than 11 inches long, weighs over a pound, and is approximately the size of a large mango. My uterus, which used to fit so nicely in my pelvis, is now the size of a basketball. Good times. Her ears are so keen that she can hear noises outside of the womb, like Baxter barking or the music at Jax's Music Together class. Maybe she's not squirmy--maybe she's a ballerina in training :)

JDubbs is hard at work making her room livable, and once he's done, I will post some shots as it becomes more nursery than unused guest room. It is not going to be hyper-pink, though. I love pink but it isn't the most soothing color in the world--we're going to try to keep this baby nice and chill, hopefully for the rest of eternity.

So there's the update. Getting ready to meet you, Baby! Keep cooking in there! Stay healthy and please don't make your appearance while we're in San Diego!

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Zeller Family said...

So excited for you! I can't believe we are due only 2 weeks apart! :)