Saturday, December 5, 2009

A-Hunting We Will Go

Hunting?? What?!? Have we finally turned into savage Vermonters at last? No, silly readers, we were hunting for something even more elusive than deer or wild turkey--the perfect Christmas tree ;) Haha, fooled you all for a second, didn't I? You had images of me handling a loaded weapon with Jax strapped into the Baby Bjorn wearing camo. Come on, you know I'd accidentally shoot myself (say it with me now, You'll shoot your eye out!).

No, today JDubbs, Jax, Baxter and I headed out into the Vermont wilderness to cut down our very own Christmas tree--something I didn't even know you were allowed to do anymore, it seemed so idyllic. We, with handsaw in, well, hand, headed out to choose the perfect tree and not kill someone in the process of cutting it down. We did go to a Christmas tree farm of some sort, where sad trees waited in rows to be cut down by us eager holiday folk.
 I personally would feel better just buying a fake tree and reusing it every year, thus stopping the useless slaughter of thousands of innocent Christmas trees, but I was outvoted and almost kicked out of the state--apparently they take their Christmas trees very serious up here in Vermont. Good thing I still have my California driver's license if I ever need to make a quick getaway ;)

At least someone was on my side; poor Jax wasn't too keen on the idea of having his nap interrupted to go traversing the wilderness to cut down a tree that he isn't going to be allowed to touch. I mean, it was a balmy 36 degrees out, after all.

I have to say, though, we did find the perfect Christmas tree. It's the perfect height and it's big and fat, and even I am enjoying its Vermonty aroma. I did feel bad that JDubbs had to slay the poor defenseless tree, but fortunately no people or dogs were hurt in the process.  Although I will admit that Jax's BOB tipped over while he was strapped in, to our horror.  He was totally fine, though.  Reminder not to park him on an incline.

Then JDubbs and his trusty sidekick Baxter lugged the tree back to the car, where it was tied to the roof and somehow made the trip back, even on the highway. My husband is such a handy boyscout.

As promised, the tree looks great. I would show you a picture of the finished product but Daddy and Jax are out buying lights for it now as I type. I promise a photo at another time. I'm sure I'll have some hilarious story of how Jax tried to climb it or eat it or some other toddler-esque thing.

And, Jax does love it. What's better than a child and his first real holiday season?

Not much. Oh, and it snowed today. That pretty much makes it all perfect.

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