Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Top Chefs

Everyone knows that I have a fantastic husband, but did you know that he is also the resident Top Chef of the family? He is an excellent chef and has grown to love cooking more and more, so I certainly am not going to step in his way and make dinner when he loves it so much. I mean, if he wants some macaroni and cheese, I'm his girl, but otherwise I usually leave the cooking to JDubbs.

Since I know how wonderful it is to have a man in the kitchen, I am all for JDubbs teaching Jax how to cook. We're starting early so Jax doesn't get any funny male-chauvinist, stereotypical ideas about having women making the food all the time (or women cleaning, or vacuuming, or doing anything else I guess I should be doing but never do). Because if he gets those ideas in his head about me, he's going to be one hungry kiddo.

Daddy and Jax mincing garlic

Then we gave Jax a silicone spatula and he was the happiest baby on the block. It was his magic wand and he wielded it with aplomb ;)

This picture gives me visions of nights to come when he can lick the spoon after we make cookies or brownies. For now he's content to eat anything, plastic or not.

Thanks for the great dinner, chefs, that night and every night! Love you :)

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lauren & aaron said...

he's like harry potter with a spatula :)