Monday, August 10, 2009

Muddy Buddies

 Jax has many female admirers, but I would certainly say that one of his best friends is Stella. She and Jax have been friends for most of their lives, since before they were able to do anything interesting, and it's been great watching them grow up together. Stella was due two days after Jax was born, but she's an overachiever so she came five weeks early. Now she and Jax are almost identical in size and are pretty much even par with milestones. although Stella wants to walk any second now and Jax couldn't care less. Last week, they enjoyed a wonderful day at the beach in Quechee at Lake Pinneo, where they both discovered the joys of mud.

It wasn't long before they were eating it, much to my and Stella's mom, Sara's, chagrin, and even though Jax definitely didn't seem to like it, he of course kept right on eating it!
I will be sad when summer's over and we are relegated back inside the house for cool autumn and cold winter days; I guess I need to toughen up because these two don't seem to mind anything, as long as it's messy and fun. I see lots of fall leaves and snowmen in my future!

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