Monday, August 24, 2009

Food Faux Pas

What can I say? We all know I am a whiz in the kitchen, and here's a post to prove it. Today I defrosted frozen vegetables for Jax--delicious potato vegetable medley from Trader Joe's. Looked fantastic on the bag. I pulled the bag out of our freezer, read the directions carefully since I know better than to keep Jax waiting for lunch, and popped a single serving's worth of veggies into a bowl and microwaved, as instructed, for six minutes. Here's what I got:

As instructed!! Seriously! Luckily I was talking to Jaime at the time, who asked if I had microwaved the entire bag. No, why would I? Even Jax can't eat a pound of veggies and potatoes in one sitting. Well, duh, apparently those Trader Joe's guys assume you really love your veggies, because those directions were how to eat the entire bag. Well how was I supposed to know that?

Take Two:

Delicious. One minute of defrostation = perfectly cooked veggies. Whatever Trader Joe's guys.


The Dadej Family said...

Oh Becky, that was really bad. I'm glad you're an English teacher and not a cooking instructor. Glad he liked the second try.

Annabella83 said...

OMG, it looks like a nuclear blast happened in your kitchen...thats scary. lol. Im glad your bowl made it out alive :o)

gramma said...

ah bones, you take after your mom!!!! love gram

Alana Milton said...

So I read this entry to Tim and he started laughing. First, he is a Trader Joe's man so he thought it was written for him. Second, he told me that he used to eat the whole bag of veggies with dinner. :-) Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!