Saturday, May 23, 2009

When Dad's Away...

So it's no secret that Baxter doesn't respect me as a "pack leader." He definitely thinks he is in charge of me, not the other way around. This doesn't really bother me because he is definitely submissive to JDubbs and I'm not usually alone with Baxter without him around. But let me show you what happens when I am. See how he taunts me by running away and then coming back, like he knows there's nothing I can do:


Now it's clear I wasn't really trying to stop him in this video because I really wanted to get it on tape since JDubbs doesn't really understand how bad Baxter is when it's just the two of us, or just me, Baxter, and Jax(although Jax thinks it's hilarious). He is actually worse when Jaxis here, too, because he waits until I am out of commission somehow, i.e. feeding the baby or putting him down for a nap, and then he really goes crazy. He always tries to eat something that I love, too, like our throw pillows or one of Jax's blankets, so I just gave him this one as his designated head-shaking-blankie and since then he's left our other stuff alone. Fingers crossed...

This is pretty much par for the course for his shenanigans once Daddy isn't around. It is definitely Baxter's way of showing how pissed he is that JDubbs left and didn't take him along--Baxter is generally spoiled and lives the good life by dog standards. He goes to work with JDubbs and spends all day with either JDubbs or Papa, sometimes with me, and only rarely is in his cage. He is has four acres on which to roam around and he gets plenty of exercise. Still he does like to put up a fuss when it's just me--I think I need the Dog Whisperer!

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