Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Thoughts

After writing that last post, I realize that I didn't do Jax justice. He really is the sweetest little buddy a girl could ask for. He makes getting out of bed every morning (and in the middle of the night) so much easier because his smiley face is right there happy to see me, and his fat little hands are starting to reach out for us when he wants to be held. Watching him observe and explore his world has been so amazing--his growth over the course of days is astounding, let alone to think about how he's grown since he was born!! It makes me shake my head already, thinking where has the time gone?

His new favorite pasttime is to wake up at approximately 3 or 4 a.m. and snuggle. Every night for about a week and a half. At first I tried not to pick him, tried to shush him, tried everything besides holding him and feeding him. But every night we get down to the same thing: snuggling on the recliner and then he falls right asleep, blankie under his head and binky going a mile a minute. The best part is that he always rests his hand on my arm or hand or sometimes even my face and looks at me very intently, like he is trying to convey some important message that he would say if only he could verbalize it (or spit out his binky). He will lay his head down, then look at me to make sure I'm still there, lay his head down, look at me, until finally he's content because he knows I'm there and he can go back to sleep. Really, how can I be upset about that?

Now you would think this would irritate me since he used to sleep through the night, but I have begun to think that he is waking up just to have a little extra love and some quiet time with me, and I really can't complain about that. Especially since I know there will be a time when I am trying to snuggle and he will be pulling away, all grown up, wanting to be independent and do his own thing. So for now, I will be content with an extra hour of cuddling while I get it, no matter when it is, and just enjoy my little man before he's all grown up.


Zeller Family said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. I can never discount the snuggle time. It is so special and they won't want to do it forever. I just stare at Jordan and think how lucky I am to be his mom. Even getting up multiple times per night...I think...I'd rather be doing this than not having him so I try to turn it around to remember that even though my sleep is very interrupted and I'm tired...I love him sooooooo much and wouldn't change it for the world.

KDStar1111 said...

I totally get the sleeping thing..Jay and I have been bringing Kyle intp bed with us. Sometimes it means we will not be getting anymore sleep for the night, but to watch our little man watch us and see him have to touch us. It is such an amazing blessing. We are sucking it all in. I know it may not be the "right" thing to cuddle extra, but when he is 10 its all I will want and he won't. Spoil that baby boy with love mama! I think we spoil ourselves a little with it too =)