Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh, What A Night

Check off another unfortunate milestone: Jax's first trip to the emergency room and man, was it a long one. To make a long story short, Jax woke up from his morning nap with one red, teary, agitated eye--it even disturbed his next meal, which means something is really wrong--nobody messes with his food! So I kept an eye (no pun intended) on it throughout the day and as it got worse he got more and more distressed--wouldn't open his eye, tears running from the corner of it, and very sad. JDubbs came home early and agreed something was wrong. So we cancelled out plans to see The Glass Menagerie with Nana and Papa and headed to the doctor's.

Of course, by then the doctor's office was closed so we had to go to the ER. That was at 5 pm. We were finally called from the waiting room at 10 minutes to 9 pm--that's right, four hours later! Apparently sick little five-month-olds are low on the totem pole of priority; although to be fair, he was in a better mood thanks to our best friend, Mr. Infant Tylenol. We had literally been packing up our stuff and muttering about how ridiculous the situation was when they called his name.

He wasn't seen by a doctor until 9:30 pm, but she confirmed what we had suspected; Jax had scratched his cornea with his fingernail (I swear I try to keep the short but it's harder than you'd think!). They had to put anesthesia ON HIS EYEBALL (so gross--poor little guy!), then put a dye in there, and finally look at it under an ultraviolet light. Daddy held him down--I couldn't bear to see him so miserable or to look at the scratch itself, but JDubbs said under the UV light it was very easy to see. So they sent us home after five and a half hours with some eyedrops and a prognosis that he'd be back to normal in 24 hours. Apparently both kids and eyes heal very quickly so both doctors were confident he's be as right as rain by Sunday. Thank goodness!

He is better today; he had a rough night sleep-wise since he had fallen asleep in the waiting room at his normal bedtime (see picture with his two little ID bracelets on his ankles) only to be rudely awakened, poked, prodded, and harrassed, then sent home way past his bedtime. His little biological clock was all out of whack, but he's napping now so hopefully he'll be his sweet little self for his visit from his aunties, cousins, and Grammy from Civilization. Poor little Jax! At least this is a milestone we endured fairly painlessly--let's hope we don't head back there for a long, long time! :(

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Zeller Family said...

Oh no!!! I hope he is feeling better today. Jordan had that eye test when he had a little eye infection when he was about 6 weeks old. Yuck! Keeping the fingernails short is super hard when they grow a mile a minute. I've resorted to biting them when he eats and filing them with a regular nail file a few times a week. Hope he's feeling better!