Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Four Months Going On Forty

This post is a lament of how big our little guy is getting. Of course we're so happy that he is healthy and growing so well, but there is something so sad about putting away another set of baby clothes, especially when the tag says 3-6 months and he's only four and a half months old! He is officially in the six month size now, six weeks early. The pile of clothes he has outgrown is growing by the day. And now, along with his many other brilliant talents, he is starting to sit. Alone. Unsupported.
 I'm not ready for this! He is still little! Where did our little peanut go? We can't even cradle him in our arms anymore--he grunts and lays flat so that he can get away. It gives me visions of a tough little guy who doesn't need us to kiss his boo boos or tuck him in at night. Okay, I know, I'm way ahead of myself here, but sometimes I just wish he was the little ball of mush we brought home from the hospital. I won't even go into the fact that he is starting to drink from a cup--no pictures yet so I'll leave that for another day. But yet another example of how our little guy is not so little anymore.


Zeller Family said...

I hear you all the way! Jordan is in 12-18 month clothing. WHAT? He is supposed to be a 7 month old! Plus the drinking from a cup Jordan started at about 4 months also and it makes him look like such a big boy in his high chair eating his solids and drinking from a cup. It makes me want a newborn again!!! It is crazy how seriously fast they grow! Pretty soon they will be crawling, walking and talking...craziness~!

The Dadej Family said...

I ditto Erin. They are growing way too fast. And once they're rally mobile, it's over. They are no longer babies. Today we lost Tyler. He wasn't in his usual hiding places. Thankfully we have a small home so we didn't have to search for too long. We found him sitting in the corner near our computer desk, eating a CD. Gone are the days of the play mat, swing, bouncy seat and blanket on the floor.

gramma said...

the best little boy in vermont:) so many hugs and kisses from the gramm in mass xxxooo