Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mama's Boy

When do babies first words count? Is it just the first time they say them, meaning to or not? Because if that is the case, Jax has been saying Mom for weeks now. He actually says it more often when he's upset or wants to be held, and whether he means me or not, it melts my heart. Now Dada (aka JDubbs) is asserting that first words don't count unless he means them--as in looks at me and says Mom, or realizes that he is saying Mom and he means me. Who is right? Is it the first babble or the first meaningful expression?

Either way, here is a picture of Jax and his Mommy.

You know this Mama's boy is going to say my name first!

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The Dadej Family said...

I think I side with J on this one. And I'm pretty sure Tyler's first words will be "Cody get in your bed." That's all he hears from us. But enjoy all the babble in the meantime.