Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sleep Training, Take Two

I felt the need to write about our second night of sleep training so that I didn't leave everyone thinking that we are idiot parents who do whatever a book tells us to do and don't pay attention to our individual child's needs (basically I am paraphrasing my Mom's concerns wherein she called Jax to tell him he should come to Gramma's house and SHE would feed him). Last night was markedly better than the first, all because we did go with our instincts and gave him that little snack bottle at 5:30 that he had wanted the night before. What a difference two ounces can make! He fell asleep even beyond the next time we were supposed to feed him and was as happy and content as ever. I even took pictures to prove it :)

And if that isn't enough to quell even the most skeptical grandparent's concerns, I spoke to my pediatrician about it last night and he thought it sounded fine. So the moral of the story is: When Jax tries to communicate with us, we won't ignore it in favor of a book. We'll do what we know is right for our little peanut. And if it means getting him to sleep through the night a little faster, we'll take it!

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