Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful..."

Well there isn't too much to report on Jaxlately--he's grown quite a lot and is fully out of his newborn clothes, both in length and around his big belly. He is really starting to interact and makes many sounds--cooing, grunting, squealing--which make my day with him more fun. I am starting to feel like he is finally beginning to recognize me and smile when he sees me in the morning or when he wakes up. And really, what more could I ask for? Well...maybe a car that can get up our driveway...

Here is JDubbs's Lexus, which we have put to rest after many a sunny day in California. Lexy got us safely across the country and was such a luxury for us every day. Beautiful it may have been, however, but it was outdone by the ice and snow of Vermont and the incline of our driveway. This picture was the first of many times it got stuck in the driveway, forcing us to trade her in for a Highlander. Our Highlander is great and very Vermont-ish: durable, 4-wheel drive, rugged. But I can't say the same for our other car, my Jetta. It was bested by the five inches of snow which accumulated overnight--it too got stuck in the driveway yesterday and today. Apparently the Highlander will be our vehicle of choice for the next five months, and fingers crossed that the Jetta (better known as Danger Mouse) will survive the winter without a garage. And more importantly, pray that these Southern Californians can remember how to survive the winter as well!

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Snow? What's that?