Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hippie Baby

Em has a little hippie blood flowing through her veins.  Some of her direct ancestors are in the "hippie" sub-species.  Exhibit A: her maternal grandparents, my mom and dad, circa 2007.

I love this photo.

I wouldn't say that I will intentionally dress Em in boho-chic styles, but I would say that seeing her in any sort of retro look will recall photos of me and my sisters when my very young mother was toting us around, rocking her hippie self.  * Sigh * How I wish I had my mom's photos and a scanner.  Instead, you will have to use your imagination and conjure up images of blonde little girls with Care Bears wearing "dungarees" (aka jeans) and "farmer joes" (overalls, similar to the ones my dad is wearing), pronounced "FAH-mah joes" with the proper Boston accent.  You wear them while drinking out of a bubbler (BUB-lah, aka water fountain) and parking your car (no explanation necessary). 

But back to the present, and one darn cute hippie baby.  At least, she accessorizes that way.

Something about her outfit screamed "retro!"  So I edited accordingly.

I really wish I could claim some level of hippie status.  Maybe I'll age well.  For now, I am just hippie-by-association.

I think I have hippie envy.

Because that hippie persona, that true free spirit, is something you can't fake.  And I'm just too damn uptight to be a real bohemian.  I'm a bit too yuppy.  And that's okay.

Maybe my kids will grow up in a world that makes love, not war.

I'm not counting on it, but it sure would be nice.



greenTXmom said...

I love this!! I too come from hippie parents.....they were complete hippies in every way...which surprises me that my sister and I both have some brain cells. ;)
My kids all have that hippie-edge to them as well....
Beautiful pictures..I actually was working on a blog button last night (to no avail) and made it very retro-esque. :)

XLMIC said...

I think the hippie mystique is overrated. I grew up in a hippie household... Berkeley in the late 60's and 70's... can't get much hippier than that ;-) A world of love and free spirits is all well and good... but SOMEone needs to take a little responsibility and get some stuff done! lol A little too much of "where ARE the PARENTS?" goes on in a hippie lifestyle.

That said... the hippie/retro look is awesome and incredibly adorable on Em!

Callie said...

Great post. I am with you - I wish to help my kids keep that free spirit they have right now, but worry that my uptightness will seep in all too soon. I'm so thankful for the chance to see life through their eyes. It's refreshing.

hayley j said...

too cute! do those stellar shades come in big girl size? because i think i need some! i get the "hippie" tag a lot, i definitely have a free spirit, duh, i'm over here in germany...and i guess with my style. but i prefer the term gypsy to hippie :)

Denise said...

Already a follower of your blog. I saw you on Thursday tweet hop so now I am following you in twitter @DeniseLillaRose. Please follow me back

my3littlebirds said...

That picture of your parents is wonderful...besides being a gorgeous photo it really seems to capture their personalities (without, of course, knowing anything about them!). I've said it before but you have one beautiful baby : )

Nance Mommy said...

I heart her glasses! So cute!

Olivia Grace said...

So great, your parents look super cool! That last photo of your daughter is AMAZING! I'm a new reader to your lovely blog, can't wait to read more:)

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

She's so beautiful! I love the retro look you gave the photos, as well as her glasses. And that picture of your parents is wonderful. LOVE!