Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Real-Time Interaction

Jax:  Mom begged me to sit over here so she can take a good picture of us.  Haha, I'll show her.  I'll hide behind you.

Jax:  Fine, Mom.  I'll give her pat pat.  Good sister.  Sit.  Roll over.

Jax:  Now I'll really make Mom mad.  I'll steal that stupid Sophie the Giraffe doll that Em loves so much.
Em:  What an idiot.  Go ahead, take my giraffe.  I've got your Blankie.

Jax:  Okay, okay! I'm sorry!  Here's your stupid giraffe; just don't hurt Blankie!

Em:  Hahahahaha.

Jax:  Okay, she's pretty smart.  That was kind of cool.  Wanna play peekaboo?
Em:  I'd love to.

Jax:  Okay, you're pretty cool.  I guess you can stay.
Em:  Thought you'd never ask.


Karen said...

hahahahahahaha thats awesome

Alana Milton said...

Perfect dialogue for the pictures!! So cute!

The Dadej Family said...

Rebecca- they are so cute together!