Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

Tomorrow is Thankgiving, and I know my fingers will be too full of delicious food and my brain will be too sleepy and full of football to give thanks properly for the myriad blessings in my life.  So I'll do it now.

* I'm thankful for my beautiful and healthy family.  Yes, my family, like all families, has its members with aches and pains and twinges and discomfort, but there is no one suffering from a terminal disease or lying in a hospital bed, and for that I am especially grateful.

* I'm thankful for my beautiful and perfect children.  For my chubby little Em who could not be a better snuggler if she tried.  For my sweet Jax who today called me "Mama Bear" and when I asked him what that made him, replied, "the baby bear."  I love them both beyond words.  Oh, and don't forget Baxter.  I am grateful for how comfortable I am that he will always be there for my kids, as protector or pillow.  He doesn't seem to mind either way.

* I'm thankful for warmth.  For my warm house, our confidence in warm water and warm food, and for our fireplace where there will soon be stockings hung with great care.

* I'm thankful for our house and the home we have turned it into.

* I'm thankful for JDubbs's job and its ability to let me stay home with my kids while they are growing and soaking up every new thing that comes their way.  I wouldn't change my situation for anything.

* I'm thankful for my friends, near and far.  Wherever we go, JDubbs and I seem to find our perfect matches and create a great circle of friends worth having for years to come.

* And of course, I'm thankful for my incredible thoughtful husband who always knows what I need, be it space, sleep, quiet, wine, Glee, a new lens for my camera, or a hug.

Or the car of my dreams.

My early Christmas present from my spontaneous and incredible husband.  The mini-van I've been needing, waiting and pining for.  Not many men would trade in their rugged SUV for a mini-van, knowing that their only other cruising option is a 7-year-old Jetta.  He will be a man with a mini-van.  But apparently the mockery that comes with that isn't bad enough to keep him from making his wife unbelievably happy.  And for that, and him, I will always be so very thankful.

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gramma said...

blessed you all are! for that i am very thankful.