Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Compromise

Today was the day that friends and family with toddlers have been warning me about (Jaime, you jinxed me). Toddler independence is here to stay, and if that means that we have to leave Rugged Bear two minutes after we arrive, then so be it. What I wasn't willing to do, though, was abandon my full grocery cart again--I did that once when he was about three months old and I think he and I have both grown up a lot since then. So I had to make a compromise so that I wasn't that lady at the grocery store with the screaming toddler trying to climb out of the cart. It went like this:
I didn't bring my purse into the store--just one more thing to juggle--so I had to video with my cell phone, hence the bad quality. But instead of people giving me the harsh angry stares of "regulate your kid and get him out of here now!", I got "oh, isn't he so sweet" looks of kindness. Ah, what a little compromise can do for a tired toddler (and mommy) ready for a meltdown!

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Di said...

too cute Becky!! :)