Saturday, August 1, 2009

Falmouth '09

Jax, JDubbs, and I just got back from our very first family vacation! We went down to Cape Cod and stayed in Falmouth, Mass, where we got married two years ago. We even stayed at the hotel across the street from our wedding site so that we could relive the memories :) We had a great time, mostly because we were able to take Jax to places that are important to us.
I'll tell the story as a photo montage so that you don't have to listen to me ramble. Pictures say a thousand words, right?
We started the vacation at Old Silver Beach, a family favorite, where Jax had his first experience in the ocean and with sand.

His first time getting his feet sandy and salty. It took him a few minutes to wrap his brain around this new giant bathtub, but once he got the idea, he loved it.

Ever the observer

Once he started crawling on the sand, he had no fear. Just hunger. He tried to eat the sand quite a bit. Even after he tasted how gross it was, he just kept on going.

Auntie Amanda and Chris came with us to the beach and built Jax a huge sandcastle. He tried to eat that, too, as you can see from his sandy face and not-so-satisfied expression.
Back in the water, happy as a clam.

At the Coonamessett Inn, in the same gazebo where we were married.

 Investigating the playground

Mommy being silly. Since when do we spend our vacations at playgrounds?

We had lunch at the Flying Bridge restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner. The view was a beautiful as we remembered. Jax ate a little of everything off our plates--scrod, hamburger, pickles, name it, this kid will eat it!

Showing Jax the pier, having fun with Daddy

 The hotel pool

Watching Daddy shave. Of course he wants to be just like Daddy when he grows up!

So that was our vacation! What a great time.
We're hoping to go to San Diego and Maine next year. With such an easy traveler, we can't wait!

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