Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Whitney's Party

Sunday was my sister-in-law and longtime friend Molly's baby shower. It's hard to believe Baby Whitney is coming in less than two months (if he or she is on time). It was a wonderful time and, uncharacteristically, I didn't take a single picture! I was busy, though, writing down all of the beautiful gifts Molly and Tom received so I will be forgiven just this once. Here is a picture of her looking so pretty five weeks earlier at Jax's baptism in May, just so you can get an idea of how good she is looking--she is literally that beautiful glowing pregnant lady. Pregnancy suits her so well!

The other exciting part of the day is that Molly and Tom asked me and JDubbs to be Baby Whitney's godparents! We are thrilled to play such an important role in his or her life, and will do our best to guide him or her throughout his or her life, spiritually and in every other way. I cannot wait to meet him or her, little Thomas Everett or Stella Grace! :)

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