Monday, March 16, 2009

Unhappy Milestone

Today I get to write about a milestone that we could have easily lived without: Jax's first fever and real bout of sickness. Poor little guy! He was up last night with both his mommy and daddy trying to make him feel better and all he wanted was to be held. Finally he fell asleep in my arms, but I still stayed up for almost another hour to make sure he was okay.

So this morning I took him to the doctor to find out he has a fever of 101.3 degrees, which is high for a little not-even-five-month-old. The good news (I guess) is that I have a cold, which is apparently what he is suffering from as well, so we don't have to worry too much that it's something big, bad, and scary. As long as he drinks, pees, and sleeps the same or more than usual, he's okay. The nurse from our pediatrician's office is even going to call tomorrow morning to see how our night went. I do like our doctors' office a lot, and they love Jax! The nurse watched him while I ran to the ladies' room and I came back to him in the hallway being loved and admired by the nurses. They couldn't believe how good natured he is, even when he's sick!

Later, I was sitting downstairs doing a crossword puzzle when I heard him making some noises on the monitor. I went upstairs, sad that his afternoon nap was over, only to find him SNORING up a storm! That's what I heard--his poor little stuffy nose can only take so much. It's pitiful but sad at the same of course I took a video. Poor little peanut!

And yes, Grammy, I took the binky away afterward so he could breathe. Hope he feels better soon!


Tricia and Emmett said...

Poor little guy... Aiden has a stuffy nose too... his whole chest seems to vibrate when he eats... I hope he feels better and you get some sleep tonight :)

Zeller Family said...

Poor little munchie!!! Jordan hasn't had a fever yet but I can relate to the feeling crappy and just wanting to be in our arms. Love the jammies...we have those too :) I hope he feels better very soon and keep us updated on how things go. I guess it's the time of year for colds...I wish it would have skipped your little man! Poor guy!!!

Grampy Woo said...

Since when did you finish crossword puzzles?