Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jax's First Week

Tomorrow Jax will be one week old! He has been home since Sunday and our days have been filled with the oh-so surprising as well as the delightfully mundane. Jax has met his future best friend, Baxter the puppy, moved into his new house, drove Mommy and Daddy crazy trying to figure out what he needs, and made Mommy and Daddy blissfully happy just by being him.

He also had his first bath--well, pseudo-bath since he can't have a real bath until his umbilical cord falls off. JDubbs gave him the bath and I was more of a documenter. He screamed his head off but was so sweet afterward. Even Baxter came in to make sure that he was okay :)

Tomorrow is Halloween! What a way to end his first week :)

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